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Flavored flower salt "Fior di Sale"

Our flower of salt is a salt originally  located between Trapani and Marsala (famous for their windmills which once provided the energy to bring water to the river) and known since he was also known as Phoenician salt Mothia

Is universally considered the caviar of the SEA. Pure and integral, is the treasure of the area chefs around the world. Rich in trace elements and iodine is collected by hand. Is formed only in certain climatic conditions and in accordance with the ecosystem.

But are there many types of salt?

The most common and less interesting is the salt gem, even table salt, taken from land mines. And so refined, it contains virtually nothing more than sodium chloride. This becomes food through industrial salt washing and refining and adding an additive of potassium ferrocyanide to avoid clotted salt crystals. The other salt is ocean, surfacing obtained in tanks of sea water that are left to dry in the sun. Sea salt is usually not refined, so it contains a number of trace elements that make it even more beneficial for the body.

Flower of the salt is the first summer salt that comes out from a reservoir of sea water is still not completely dried up, is a salt that the sun than the wind, and is also the most expensive rooms,

This is achieved through the precipitation of salts in the foam that forms on the edge of the tanks on windy days. The characteristics of this flower of salt are characterized by having an additional content in trace elements other than sodium. These are present naturally in the sea such as chlorine, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium, bromine, carbon, strontium, boron, silicon, fluorine, lithium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iodine .... The richness of this salt comes from the fact that the product is not washed or dried at temperatures of 800 ° C because the flower of salt dries slowly and naturally in small heaps under tiles so it keeps all of these trace elements.

Of all the salts is the most kind and scope in absolute and is in the form of small crystals, has a little milder salting power of normal salt, is often still wet and has a slight characteristic smell of the sea.

italian french flower salt salina trapani cervia fleur de sel truffle chilly

Flower salt Full Saline of Trapani

150 g

Flower salt Full Saline of Trapani truffle

150 gr

Flower salt Full Saline of Trapani with porcini mushrooms

150 gr

Flower saltFull Saline of Trapani saffron

150 gr

Flower salt Full Saline of Trapani Hot Pepper

150 gr

Flower salt Full Saline of Trapani for steak

150 gr

Fior di Sale Full Saline of Trapani for Fish

150 g


The flower of salt  is a very elegant salt witha whitish matte color, perfect partner of salads and raw vegetables or steamed, is used just like a drop of oil that serves as an excellent finishing touch to dishes wiping in modest amounts before serving, being a crystal does not dissolve in the mouth now and then interacts with the food longer, allowing the creation of remarkable special effects, by contrast, on a smooth texture, and even on chocolate.

Its unique texture makes it ideal for perfecting the dishes highlighting the quality of ingredients. Its mild flavor can be appreciated in conjunction with cocktails that include the use of salt, chocolate and sweets.

The salts with truffles or porcini mushrooms enhance the dishes prepared with these pientanze, the elegant salt saffron yellow goes well with carpaccio or otherwise prepared in "Bellavista", the flower of salt you put on your steak grilled meat in area, contains pepper, garlic, fennel and other spices that make the meat more tasty. Salt for fish over ALGI aromas contains parsley, garlic and lemon zest dehydrated and is great for raw fish, baked or grilled.

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