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After working last year with Ai.Bi. Friends of Children Association, this year we decided to support Sim-pathy. You too can do so without giving up to make a nice gift for customers and employees, simply indicate that you want to give a social dimension to your corporate gift we'll donate 12% of the value of your parcel to a Sim-pathy that in exchange for your generosity , for your sensitivity and customer satisfaction we will provide the postcards in the gift of the association, to highlight the social responsibility of your company. A simple idea that solidarity increases the perceived value of the gift, reward customers and does not cost you anything.

Sym-pathy is a HRD (Health Residence for the Disabled) and CDD (Centre day for disabled) recognized by the Lombardy Region, which offers assisted living permanently or temporarily and day care to people suffering from very limited functional autonomy, being physically disabled or serious serious and in need of assistance, which, for various reasons, can not be provided by their family.

Inside Sim-pathy was born on Research Center Sim-pathy (accredited by the Lombardy Region), which is responsible for developing and implementing computer technology and assistive devices and interfaces that would allow disabled people as autonomous and independent as possible .

The packaging of solidarity Tuscan Farm is helping to sustain the Research Center for the projects:

Video communication made easy: against exclusion and isolation from the world of the severely disabled person, Sim-pathy is developing a web interface and a multimedia simplified, easy to use, to talk and see their loved ones and to be visited by physicians, without having to move from his residence.

Each apartment home automation: To fulfill the desire and the will of people with disabilities to live in their own home or with your family, Sim-pathy is developing automation technologies to be installed in apartments that allow to perform independently and autonomously the daily actions .

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