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Mustards and Zabaglione

Eight great ideal products to be paired with cheeses, sausages, meat etc..
Our mustards are small masterpieces preserved under glass. There are so many combinations, ranging from the classic ones with cheese and boiled, to those with grilled meats, grilled fish and then the game is all smoked meat and fish, and do not disdain even to accompany with meats such as bacon, dried beef, salami, ham or salted pork.

The secrets of our preserved Renaissance
The highest quality ingredients, skillful balance of spices and 'vinegar are the secret to their flavor. Each pot comes with a card containing the ingredients in the combinations also suggested. Of course, our products contain no preservatives.
preferve confiture to be combined with cheese pumpkin and ginger onions mustard figs

Renaissance Preserve- Florina slightly sweet apple Spicy


Renaissance Preserve -Fresh Figs Dottati slightly Spicy


Renaissance Preserve -Fresh Red Onion Balsamic Vinegar


Renaissance Preserve -Sweet Green Tomatoes


Renaissance Preserve -Fresh Pumpkin and Ginger


Renaissance Preserve -Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Spicy


The canned apple is practically a mustard obtained with an ancient variety that is the Apple Florina, which has two peculiarities, the first is the unique flavor that characterizes it, the second is that this race (formerly widespread, now almost disappeared) not very nice but rather the fruit resistant to scab, a disease that forces farmers to spray the plants with many jets of chemicals, which in the case of Florina apples are not practically necessary. We recommend the combination with semi-mature cheeses, fish carpaccio and smoked meat and fish such as salmon and swordfish.

This is basically a preserved fig mustard obtained with an old traditional variety of Tuscany, the Fico Dotto, varieties particularly suited to be processed, and the flavor really unico.Si recommended combination with cheeses, cold meats or smoked or cooked, a smoked fish such as herring or salmon to grilled meats or fried.

The pickling of onions is obtained after firing Florentine Red Onion sliced into small pieces, to which is added in cooking excellent balsamic vinegar. The combination is unique and makes possible an infinite number of combinations, from grilled meats, aged cheeses or fresh, boiled meat, game, the fried meat (especially lamb or pork) even up to daring pairings with sweet or frozen desserts.

Shelf life: 1 year and a half
Packaging: 9 jars of 100g.

The zabaglione - Traditional flavors of the past.
The traditional recipe for homemade zabaglione, egg, sugar and wine, nothing more. Our practice is a zabaglione cream rich in a jar made with vin santo chianti aged 10 years in casks of oak and cherry, a real flavor bomb,  an explosion of joy in my mouth considering that we use about 40 % of  precious wine for this recipe.

We also do the other two versions, one with the Moscato from Piemonte in cork, a natural fermentation of Muscat great quality and a cooler with juice of fresh oranges. The combinations are many, you can use with biscuits or cakes, soft or dried, or rice cake with ricotta cheese and apples naturally, with the cream with ice cream, or you can venture a bold combination with the fish carpaccio smoked

zabajone zabaglione marsala vinsanto zabaione

Vin Santo del Chianti DOCG to Zabajone Fatt. Guicciardini 1998


Zabajone Moscato from Piedmont igt


Zabaglione with fresh oranges


Shelf life: 1 year and a half
Packaging: 6 jars of 160g.

The packaging for restaurants, wine bars, wine bars
Our products are also available in larger packs for all those activities that are administered as wine bars, restaurants, wine bars. We therefore decided to make pots a size larger but not too large. In fact, the natural products without preservatives, and particularly aromatic such as these perform best if after opening when stored for a period not too long, too big pots often seem cheaper but then end up in the trash because they have been open for too long .

In the case of packages of food we decided to minimize the cost of packing and we made a further discount the price per box by quoting a net capacity of 660g.

Shelf life: 1 year and a half
660g packs of: 3 pots 220g.

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