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Syrup of roses and violets

A natural nectar without alcohol, flavorings and colorings
The expedition is FLORENCE ROSA product with an old rose varieties particularly fleshy petals and fragrant, these are grown in the Chianti Classico area without the use of herbicides and pesticides, but are picked wild violets in the woods, is a job for very long it is really a patience. These syrups are a unique gift idea, in fact is same as  giving twenty-fiveroses as somany roses  are those used to produce a 100ml bottle. It 'also available in gift box handmade Florentine paper to hold the bottle.

rose roses florence violet syrup

The pink or purple petals are infused in water and sugar, nothing else is added, no preservative, coloring or flavoring, just sugar water and a drop of lemon juice as a preservative. The possible combinations are many, can be used as a sweetener for cold or hot tea or soft drinks to prepare the appetizers, you can use it with white wine or champagne to make a kir, using it as a topping for ice cream Bavarian cream, baked cheesecake a carpaccio of fresh fish or simply mixed to 'water as a thirst quencher

Six pieces 100ml bottle in heavy type scent with a maturity of 18 months

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