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Tuscan favors...also for wedding planner in tuscany

It 's a new trend borrowed from the United States to do a small gift of great quality food to those who want to celebrate a happy event, oh my God they have not invented anything that do not already know but at least the U.S. remind us that our ancient custom was a . Our products are perfectly suited to become the favors, the products selected for this purpose are the oil, honey, jams and sauces too. The care in our handmade goodies our gastronomiche, the possibility of making the boxes in Florentine paper handmade fully customized, the ability to customize the label with the date and names of spouses, even for small production runs make Favor typical Tuscan article be appreciated by your guests.

Wedding planner or bride and groom also ask for a quote, you will be amazed by what's good and beautiful can be purchased at the price of the usual pen holder or ashtray ceramic Chinese doll, sure your guests do not throw the favor this time.


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