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Tuscan Organic Wine

Lucrezia "Chianti - DOCG 2009 – Organic

An exclusive line of wines.

Just so we could call this line of wines, exclusive, elegant, traditional and organic farming. Thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and the Museum of Florence Superintendent, we got the  permission to use these images that are pictures stored in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and which arise out of the hands and the genius of Bronzino . So Renaissance art works for our line RENASCIMENTHO that combines visual art and art tasting, certainly two pleasures that make life happier  chianti organic tuscan wine italy italian

A nice Chianti obtained with 80% Sangiovese grapes and 20% Canaiolo. Excellent drinkability drinkable fruit but not lacquered, tannins still a bit 'green and fresh acidity characterize this wine certainly not trivial, but very drinkable, which marries the tradition of wine-making to execution flawless. The scent is fruity and floral tones also characterized by light, the mouth opens to red fruits and sour cherry jam, good tannic structure and its duration increase in the years and can benefit an aging leading to a lowering the freshness and an increase of tertiary aromas.

Boxes of 12 bottles, 50 boxes per pallet.  organic tuscan sangiovese tuscany italy

A product with 100% Sangiovese grapes organically grown, hand picked in small crates. After fermentation, the wine is high in barriques for ten months later, in oak casks for a total of 10 months of contact with the wood, followed by an aging in bottle for 10 months. The wine has an intense ruby color, nose Sangiovese expresses all its peculiarities of wine and austere concrete, thereby leaving little room for voluptuousness and heading straight to a nice ripe fruit of the net in the mouth the attack is soft and sustained average a tannic backbone never intrusive that blends the ripe fruits of violets and blackberry. Easy to approach and secure fulfillment, this Sangiovese enjoys the 'wise use of the barrels that leaves a light tone in dowry toast with hints of vanilla and cigar box.

Boxes of 6 bottles, 80 boxes per pallet.

Giovanni delle Bande Nere "- 2008 IGT Toscana - Super Tuscan organic

organic biologique tuscan wine merlot sangiovese tuscany chianti italy

Supertuscan This is achieved with organic grapes grown in the hilly terrain of mostly loose silty sand. The collection was made by hand using small crates for both varieties, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. After the tumultuous fermentation the wine was aged in French oak barrels of new and Never Tronacais for 14 months. The wine has an intense ruby red color, the nose is rich and inviting, with notes of red fruits, plum jam and pleasing grain plants that attract the green pepper. The attack in the mouth is characterized by a good and powerful rhythmic sensations, the rich fruit is well supported by soft tannins and smooth, the closure is long and persistent. Definitely a great wine, which is expressed to date for 70% of the potential, which will be better expressed with aging in bottle.

Boxes of 6 bottles, 80 boxes per pallet.

italian tuscan livorno maremma vermentino

"Bia" Toscana IGT 2009 - from agricul integrated agriculture

Immediate impact and very pleasant, with nice floral notes and salt, tropical fruit and white flowers, a fresh and pleasant but far from trivial even a little fat in the mouth. A wine can always pleasure to all, especially ideal for summer meals based on seafood. Obtained from selected grapes Vermentino and Trebbiano, hand picked in 3-4 and next steps with different maturation indices. Strictly vinified at a controlled temperature (16 ° C) in small tanks. Decanted and kept in contact with the lees for a few weeks for the extraction of aromatic substances. In late February the middle of March is assembled and ready to be bottled.

Boxes of 12 bottles, 50 boxes per pallet.

organic biologic natural tuscan wine chianti sangiovese brunello merlot

The wine for.... the wine for quality daily use.

Non-organic products - These are two new wines that take us back in time, in the traditional Tuscan countryside truest distinguished only two wines that "Pe 'Desinare" for lunch, and the "Pella cena " just for dinner, a wine in the evening. The work was tiring in the country and especially in certain seasons could not go back in the fields after lunch with hot sun and after drinking wine and very heavy alcohol, which occurred  fatigue and sleepiness, they drank wine at lunch and then lighter and with less body definitely a young wine of the vintage. For dinner, you could instead give something more, not one had left the table to go to bed but rather in the fields, but then you also get there with difficulty and with some heels ... never mind. It was therefore possible to enjoy a few drinks in more than old wine in previous years, is more robust because of aging, but also because they "kept", he put aside the wine which naturally had greater strength, body and texture, because what lighter would not hold the aging process.

italian tuscan economc cheap good wine tipycal sangiovese ansonica chianti gift

Vino Pe' Desinare - Toscana Igt Sangiovese Canaiolo Trebbiano Malvasia 750ml
Vino Pe' La Cena - Toscana IGT Sangiovese Canaiolo 750ml
Supertoscano - Maremma Toscana IGT Merlot 70% Sangiovese 30% Barriccato 750ml
Ansonica - Toscana Igt 100% Ansonica                                                                 750ml

The wine Pe 'Desinare with its 12.3 degrees is a very nice easy to drink fruity soft, very ready to drink, the classic wine that does not advance in the bottle. The wine “Pe La Cena “ is a bit' more full-bodied and austere, 13.5 degrees has a greater consistency and less floral aromas, but there is always a ready to drink for easy consumption. These two wines from Tuscany and in the design and toscanissimi nell'alaborazione two products are certainly not cheap, are not the classic sandwich by light wine but a product is cheap and convenient but its precise position in the market. We wanted these two wines to complement our range, the consumer today is again looking for the traditional wine and the price even content, there are hundreds of witnesses of bulk wine shops that are present in all cities, with quality products often questionable but with reasonable prices, in our case we have a product with a very high quality but also with a competitive price, just excellent "house wine" in short. We chose these two wines are very traditional but not trivial, two similar images to the product. There are two pictures of our family taken from the same two photos depicting people who consume a light meal, are not even sit, eat standing at the marble table in front of the fireplace taking an old aluminum pot (probably rabbit) and have table in a nice home-made bread and a flask of wine.

wine in bottle

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