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About us

The Leoncini family, four centuries of experience at your disposal.

Dino, master of memory.

He is the grandfather of the house. After working for 40 years as a farmer (as director of a farm) today he is the purchasing supervisor but he still follow the work at his small farm.

Stefano Leoncini, administrative manager.

He worked for several years as a sales man for many wineries in Chianti, helping him to get experience in knowing the territory and in logistics problems. Today he follows the accounting and the business relations with our suppliers.

Vanna Mori Leoncini

Vanna Mori Leoncini, graphic designer.

She is a great expert in cooking and in particular of the Reinassance tuscan recipes. With her great passion for photography today she takes care of the book “Images of Tuscany yesterday and today” and also of the layout of the site.

Dario Leoncini

Dario Leoncini, sales manager.

Agricultural expert and graduating oenologist, after being a chef and after working for few farms in the Chianti side, today he follows the relations with the customers and the gourmet production.

Lapo Leoncini

Lapo Leoncini, responsible for agricultural production.

Directly and full time involved in the conduction and management of the farm paying particular attention to that wich is his great passion.... the Olive. Since 2003 he gives his name to his personal selection of oil.

Fausto Leoncini

Fausto Leoncini

Latest addition to the family, he doesn't do anything at the moment, but he fills the computer with games and steals the sweets from the warehouse.

Ruy and Lio

Real parts of the family, they have a very important role: the guard of the farm.

Who we were

Carlo, the founder of the family in a picture taken in 1916 during the first world war with his friend Stellino.

Carlo again, but in a happier occasion. Next to him there is doctor Massaceci, agricultural inspector who awarded Carlo for the cow presented (1925). Our family has always been a peasant family, but once the picture was something we had to take in a studio (1920).
This photo has been taken in India in a British prison camp (1943). Four years after the war, the return home, the marriage and the work in the fields starts again as per tradition the peasant family has to be large. (1951). Here is the second generation in a picture taken all together in Versilia in 1958.

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