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Orders and payments

You just have to send us an e-mail to get a price list to place your orders

Tuscanfarm is a company that supply with typical Tuscan products with their trademark RENASCIMENTHO professionals such as shops, distributors, importers, wine bars, shops, restaurants, delicatessens.

Just send us an e-mail address where indicated briefly your type of business, if possible together with your details, we will send you a complete list of all products, ex departure.

When you have decided what you want to order send us an e-mail or fax indicating which items you need, and we will send you a reply regarding the availability of what you requested and the time of order processing, along with a quote for what concerns the transport costs.

You can order what you really need as there is no minimum order

In fact there is no minimum order, we don't want to sell you what you don't need or huge quantities of goods. We prefer that you choose from many different products to offer your customers rather than large amounts of a small number of items, so as to give you and us a better chance of selling. The only thing we ask is to respect the amount contained in each package, although in case of your first order we can be flexible on the amount of certain items.


The payment arrangements do not differ from those practiced by all the normal activities of wholesale trade. Usually the first order is paid in advance or on delivery. Then once we know each other better we can discuss custom forms of payment that we can discuss by phone or in person, however the forms that are usually accepted: bank transfer to our bank which is the Monte dei Paschi di Siena ag Montespertoli, non-transferable check sent by registered priority AR, cash, postal order.

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Shops were opened in Zurich, Herve-Liege, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Grenoble and Laiz.

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If you are an agent well connected in food shops, classe restaurants and wine bars, contact us.
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Our stylish and functional gift packages

All our gift packages are made as per customer request.
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