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TUSCANFARM is a family business. The family, Leoncini, is since four hundred years in the agriculture world in various ways and with various tasks; thanks to this experience we can now offer a range of products that are really made with art, food and wine. Our specialty are the exclusive products that you will not fine anywhere else.

All the best part of the Tuscan regional specialties and of the local production becomes the part of our exclusive line RENASCIMENTHO – Florence. These products are genuine rarity endangered. Many organic products are also protected by regional and national institutions.

We produce only what we like, not what the fashions of the moment require, you can not always bend to the demands of the market, you must have a company philosophy that our firm is given by tradition and respect for the past, by flavors that distinguish our region with a careful eye to the news. In fact we are not bent on ourselves repeating the same recipes but we certainly know where we come from and where we want to go, fortunately, many people come with us in our jouney.

Each year we produce about 20 new products, a tremendous effort for a small company like ours, but that leads us to have more news for our customers, to make them curious and tempted to try new things. We don't need to get the black salt from Hawaii or the pink salt from Himalaya to propose something new, we are not interested in sugar from Madagascar, coffee from Nepal, we prefer to consult the Artusi book or interview a grandmother to have new creative ideas. Like this we safeguard the products, tradition and ancient flavors without burning gasoline for transport polluting the planet.

Personally, I love Foie Gras and chanmpagne but I prefer the Cibreo and Wine for lunch, two new products added recently, I really like Mexican food, but the pasta with the sauce of “Chianti Ciccia Escaped” as my great-granmother did, for me is so much better! With this background we ask ourselved before our customer and we land on the tables of those who prefer us, we not the cheapest but we are far from the really expensive ones. We offer an excellent product whose preparation requires a lot of time, the productions are limites and the full manual packaging made with natural and beautiful products need time and patience.

All this leads to exclusive products and non- repeatable, difficult to compare with those found on the market for quality and beauty, they taste of good tradition and they bring with them all the charm of Tuscany. We love to describe our products as “ designed by the elegant hand of a Lord, but made by the calloused hands of a farmer.

In this presentation of our “philosophy” in wich I show my face and wich I will considered more a chat between fans than an impersonal presentation, I just wanto to write down a tip for you who work in the food industry and for the high quality products. You can find anything on the market, the world has become smallet due to the globalization and rapid transport, but this is also a good thing for some reasons and less well for others. I am far from a elitist speach, saying that all products at low cost or that costs less than ours are worse. We analyze only 3 categories of products, honey jams and pickles.

The biggest honey producer in the world is China, a nation wich was ordered to block the export of honey in Europe more than once because they used to add liquid sugar and for the high levels of pollutants of all kinds of drugs used to treat the bees, wich are delicate animals, wich trasforming the honey in their body can pass everything to the honey. Much honey comes from South America and Eastern Europe who don't have certainly health legislation and prohibition in “ use of drugs” such as ours, without thinking of the pesticide for the plants that can be used, even DDT, banned in Italy because is the 70th cause of cancer.

The jams that we produce are made “in season” with fresh fruit well matured in the sun. It would seems banal if it were not a rariry. Many of the jams and marmalades are produced commercially by the semi-finished, they are nation origin of fruit but more often it is imported fruit, washed and cut in various ways and kept frozen or reduced to a paste also frozen or pasteurized or sterilized or filled with various sugars and preservatives. Why is all this done if the quality of the products becomes very low for flavor, colour, oxidation, nutrients and taste?? Because this processes are made by large companies with huge machines that buy huge quantity of fruit at a very low price, because many of this companies are in eastern Europe or India or China where labor and products don't cost nothing, because this product last many years and you buy it when you need it without storage costs, instead fresh fruit lasts only few days and then you have to throw it.

With the vegetables we have to say very similar things to jams, they slice, maybe they cook them and then they put them under large drums very similar to those of gasoline preserving them with oils and more often with water, soda, preservatives ecc... they use the soda to whiten and soften the artichokes that are poor and hard as wood and they use many other devices chemical\industrial more suitable for a refinery of raw oil than for a food laboratory. These products are then stored for years,then end up in canning companies that remove the food from the drums, change the oil a bit, put a few leaves of parsley and sell it as an Italian products which practise is perfectly legal as the last manufacture is made in Italy.

Don't think that they are only practices made by low cost markets, many pickles on the market are made like this. The cucumber are often from the Indian Ocean, the artichokes from Egypt and many other product from Morocco, Turkey like hazelnuts and chestnuts, oil from Spain, garlic (be careful when the bulb of the garlic is not perfectly white and compact) and tomato paste from Chiana and ham's legs from Dutch.

All this to say what? That we are the best ones?? That everyone else is bad? No, this is to make understand who is in this business, that the products on the market are of all types, that they exist and are much more common than you think, that these practices cut costs altought you don't realize it. We are asked very often why once the allergies where not very common as today, or why the products don't have anymore the taste of “those days”, or why the people get sick so often.

You can think about your conclusions, I prefer to spend more on quality food and save money on medicine.

With passion
Dario Leoncini

Dario Leoncini

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