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Durum-wheat-semolina pasta

Durum wheat pasta extruded through bronze
The traditional Italian pasta, pasta meal of pure bronze drawn
Only natural ingredients for this water and semolina pasta that contains no colorings, flavorings or preservatives. The mixture of durum wheat exclusive slow drying up to 52 hours (against 16 commercial products) provide a good resistance of the area and ensure the product a unique flavor that is exalted in coupling with traditional sauces, but also in white to enjoy the taste of quality. The dough is extruded with old bronze dies, giving the dough more traditional forms of Italian tradition. The significance of the procedure in bronze is easily noticeable on the palate, in fact, the pasta comes out with a rougher surface that not only holds the sauce better, but it is also the result of a larger taste of the product, since this is the cause of irregular surface greater superficial fermentation of wheat during drying. The packaging is done entirely by hand and each bag is finished with a buff laid paper label and a double satin ribbon printed in gold. We need 15 minutes of pasta cooking, whether it is an indicator of quality.

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Available products
Bags clear rigid finished with a buff laid paper label on ingredients and combinations and a double satin ribbon printed in gold.


Ideal with



tomato sauce, vegetables, meat, fish


Macaroni Ferretto

meat, game, tomato, garlic and olive oil


Eye of Elephant

fish sauce in white, vegetables, tomato sauce


Elephant ears

sauces vegetables, broccoli, artichokes, courgettes



tricolor tomato sauce, garlic and oil, meat


Festoons rough tricolor

tomato sauce, garlic and olive oil


The lily of Florence

tomato sauces, pesto, meat


Pennotti Stripes

in red fish sauce, garlic and oil, meat


Dried Spaghetti

with tomato sauce headband, garlic and olive oil, fish


Languages Devil Hot Pepper

Butter, fish, garlic and olive oil


Spaghetti with squid ink

seafood sauces, garlic and olive oil, squid ink


Semolina Linguine

with seafood sauces, pesto, garlic and olive oil


Paccheroni Stripes Magnum

meat sauce, tomato, baked


Conchiglioni Tricolore Magnum

meat, vegetables, baked


Shelf life: approximately 3 years
Number of pieces: 12.

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