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Artisanl Tuscan sauces for pasta

The real sauces of traditional Tuscan cuisine
The secret of our sauces .... is not a secret: The meats are top quality, the recipes are homemade. That's it, nothing more. It made a gravy with chopped vegetables (onion, celery, carrot, etc.) when they are well dried meat is added to make the first firing. The end of minced beef and cook it very slowly with the addition of some 'tomato (very little) wine, and other ingredients for use in the recipe. The long cooking time (about 5 hours) and the consistency of the sauce is the best guarantee for a strong taste and quality real-time as a homemaker. All the sauces do not contain dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors

venison hare pahesant roedeer wildboar pasta sauce italian tuscan florentine

WildBoar pasta sauce


Hare pasta sauce


Tuscan Beef Ragout


Tuscan Bruschetta chicken livers


The classic Basil Pesto


Tuscan Porcini mushrooms pasta sauce


Sauces and pate "Great Renaissance banquet" for pasta and croutons
These sauces can be defined by reason of the preparations pre-Columbian, do not contain tomatoes. It 'important to remember that the recipe of' Duck Orange fiorentinissima is not French. In fact, the Paparo Melarancio to brighten the tables of noble lordship well before those of the French who began to enjoy it when Catherine de Medici was married to the King of France and the court instructed the cooks how to prepared the crepes (crepes), the bechamel ( besciamel) ice cream, pastry tip (BigNet) and many others. Others make up this unique product line that we can define the Tuscan and Florentine 100%, the sauce Cinta Senese (or pig Cinto Toscano), the sauce Beef Chianino Drunk, or cooked with Brunello di Montalcino, and then 4 to pate recipe ancitca , The Renaissance of wild boar pate, Artusi recipe that goes back to the wild boar or hare dolceforte which included chocolate spices, raisins and pine nuts, wild boar pate Classic, pheasant pate with Vernaccia di Gimignano Sna and then refined the pheasant with truffle pate. Our sauces and pates Renaissance are cooked slowly in aluminum pan at home, are handmade and are truly the ultimate expression of traditional Tuscan cuisine, if you want to taste something really typical and immerse yourself in the authentic flavor you just have to try them.

venisosn pasta sauce roedeer wildboard ragù phaisant  boar hare

Drunk Chianina Beef Sauce  with Brunello di Montalcino wine


Paparo Melarancia- Duck with orange Renaissance sauce


Cinta Senese pork  Sauce


Wild Boar Pâté


Wild Boar Pâté  Renaissance style with choccolate


Pheasant Pâté with  Vernaccia wine


Pheasant pâté with truffle


Croutons of chicken liver pate and .......
A line of Tuscan pate very complete and very faithful to traditional Tuscan recipes. We propose the toast of the Tuscan Chicken Livers in the most ancient recipe from the book of resuming Artusi (very similar to my grandmother) who also provided the annealing of chicken liver pate until it becomes just a black toast, and nice dark and dense "shot". The Florentine Cibreo is a traditional recipe, we took the recipe from the Book of Artusi, in practice it is the ancestor of the Tuscan toast is always made with chicken giblets (we eliminated those that today would not like) onion, vin santo , lemon, etc., in preparing the original product should be warmed in a pan, once removed from the heat you add an egg yolk and lemon juice, mixing to form a cream to spread on toast, is a real treat! It is said that Catherine de 'Medici, wife of the King of France was so fond of this dish from risking a time to die of indigestion and thanks to this preparation, the court chef learned to prepare for the fricassee.

tuscan chicken liver patè venison sauce phaisant wildboar truffle cibreo

Chicken liver patè (old recipe Artusi)


Pork liver Cinta Senese bruschetta sauce


The Cibreo – Reinassance bruschetta sauce with chicken liver


Tomato sauces

Tomato exclusively Italian, slow cooking oil zone in aluminum pan at home and lots of patience and experience. These are the main ingredients of our sauces based on tomato, garlic sauce to the classic Siena (excellent with pici) we added our own recipe with fresh tomatoes cilegini collected in August in the open field and two other classic sauces. They are simple and good as homemade, or rather, in a house where the food is good.
italian tuscan chianti tomato tomatoes pasta sauce arrabbiata aglione

Entire Cherry tomatoes sauce (collected in August)


Cherry tomatoes sauce in old fashion beer bottle


Garlic sauce


Arrabbiata Sauce


Eggplant Sauce


Serving suggestions or advice Tasting
You should ALWAYS warm the sauce in the pan a little oil and two tablespoons of water and then skip the pasta al dente, the pate warm themselves by pouring the contents into a frying pan with a little 'good oil and water and then spread it on bread or Roasted by way of toast, if you like it you can add a bit 'of good oil on those plants.

Shelf life: approximately 3 years
Quantity: 6

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