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Ready made risotto, soup, dried dressings for Pasta

A very wide range of products that offers solutions for quick and tasty cuisine. Our products are dried and contain only top quality ingredients with no preservatives, colorings or flavorings. The risotto is ready to be cooked, just like a real risotto with all the ingredients already in the bag and are not like those in the supermarket, I'm really good especially the mushrooms and asparagus. Just take a pan add oil and butter (if you want a little 'onion), toast the rice a few minutes and then do the cooking, adding a bit of classical broth slowly to mix with butter and parmesan at the end

ready to eat risotto mushroom asparagus sappran milanese ink squid

Risotto al Radicchio Rosso 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto with Lemon 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto Raspberry 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto roses and strawberries 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto with squid ink 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto with mushrooms 170 g

170 gr

Risotto with saffron 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto Ortolana 170 gr

170 gr

Risotto with Asparagus 170 g

170 gr

The pasta sauces follow the same principle, only that you must use a good oil pan put (our) and a bit of water to rehydrate the sauce at the end to jump directly to the pasta with the sauce in the pan.

dried pasta condiments arrabbiata amatriciana garlic

Rose Rice and Mushrooms 170 g

170 gr

Ready for Busta Garlic Oil & Chili Pepper 100 gr

100 gr

prepared pasta bag'Aglione 100 gr

100 gr

Fusilli envelope prepared for all 'Ortolana 100 gr

100 gr

Prepared bag for 100 grams Penne Arrabbiata

100 gr

Prepared bag  for Rigatoni Amatriciana 75 gr

75 gr

Prepared bag for Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms and Truffles

100 gr

San Marzano tomatoes dried Italy

100 g

dried porcini mushrooms

30 g

Small Whole Chillies

50 g

tuscan soup typical ribollita acquacotta pappa al pomodoro mushroom soups italian

Ribollita Florentine Vegetable Soup

Tuscan Farro Spelt soup 100gr
Mushroom Soup 50gr
Pappa al Pomodoro Tuscan Tomato Soup 100gr

These have a long-term and lend themselves very well to be a gift economy, and not very demanding that carries well, in short, a perfect souvenir

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