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Single Flowers

Single-flower honey
Only honey from Tuscany. Excellent as a sweetener or simply spread on bread. Made exclusively in our region (with the exception of some rare extra-regional productions, such as orange), our honey is a totally natural product, the fruit of the work of bees that roam into the most pristine areas of regioneper give rise to these great products are not just a sweetener, but a valuable product that differs from the others. Not all honeys are the same, the trivialization of damage in this area who work with seriousness and passion as we do. Our honeys have no defects, no smell of smoke does not re-fermented in jars do not contain impurities or pesticides, monofloreli are truly and not only on the label and above are not mixed with products from abroad.

The biggest honey producer in the world is China, a nation which was ordered to block the export of honey in Europe more than once because the sugar solution and stretched with the high levels of pollutants of all kinds of drugs and used to treat the bees, which are delicate and frail animals, which transformed the honey in their bodies can pass all the very honey and comes from South America and Eastern Europe who have certain health legislation and prohibition in 'use of drugs such as ours, then without thinking of the pesticide for the plants that can be used, even DDT, banned in Italy because the 70 cause cancer.

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Acacia Honey


Clear Millefiori Honey


Chestnut Honey


Honeydew Bosco


Honey Strawberry


Sunflower Honey


Eucalyptus Honey



HONEY MILLEFIORI clear: it is the classic honey, we create the light version, more delicate and elegant bouquet and harmonious character. It looks semi-sweet is good in you or simply on bread

HONEY ACACIA: An excellent product with a sweet, light and delicate flavor, our Acacia honey is almost always very clear wrapped addiritura water, a symptom of the purity of honey, the bees have collected in practice only by flowers of Acacia. This honey is presented in easy-to-liquid spreads. Ideal to accompany the cheeses, especially the cheese and as a sweetener of milk, coffee or tea, herbal teas and for the better. According to the most popular pharmacopoeia this honey has properties anti-inflammatory and detoxifying to the liver by the throat.

CHESTNUT HONEY: Among the varieties of chestnut honey, just give the wild ones. The bees collect nectar from the male flowers rich in pollen as the main avenue of chestnut pollination is wind. For this chestnut honey contains pollen that a lot from that very strong taste. Honey great value with a typically bitter flavor as is appropriate for this honey. It tastes strong and pungent. Bello and his characteristic dark red color .. Odor: pungent. Color: dark red. Typical is its use as a sweetener, and is the best honey for a good tea and pecorino cheese in a cave.

WILD HONEY. The honeydew honey is not honey nectar of flowers, but just honeydew honey tree, which the bees collect the sugary substances produced by some insects that live on these trees and eat their sap. Color: very dark, slightly caramel flavor, a bit like 'the chestnut tree without its bitterness and the aroma so characteristic. Ideal to accompany the tea, semi-hard cheese in my opinion even with the vanilla ice cream and ricotta.

Strawberry tree honey: This particular honey is not produced every year, is a rare honey and difficult, but when this happens is a real treat. It tastes very bitter and pungent. Tends to crystallize in an irregular manner, thus having a texture in the mouth which ranges from sandy to irregular crystal. Color: Light off-white. Odor: pungent. Taste: very bitter. Ideal in my opinion with the lard Colonnade, heated and put on a thin fetine, seasoned with pecorino is also considered an excellent anti-asthmatic.

Eucalyptus Honey: E 'honey is very good, it smells balsamic and a very distinctive aroma that can be the first few times too strong, but with the habit if they can appreciate the property. Generally it is a type of honey that crystallizes in a compact mass. Colour: amber - amber light. Odor: characteristic. Taste: persistent. It 's a honey ideal all-purpose family, to cure a cold. In the kitchen is used as a sweetener for teas, cakes and for cheeses.

SUNFLOWER HONEY: A honey that anyone wanted since few years ago and that is now proving a huge success. It 's a honey .... much honey, perhaps a bit simple but certainly interesting. The mouth has a sandy texture color to yellow and a very wide panorama of combinations. Sunflower lovers want nothing more, they use it for tea, with cheese and semi mene Forns is the best for spreading on bread, loved by children I prefer it to many others because honey is never covered, but always giving the its contribution to each preparation

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