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Tea and fruit dehydrates

A new line of product envelope in affordable and beautiful visual impact. These herbal teas and fruit dehydrates, all very good products and perfect as a gadget and gift idea.

Our dried fruit is not dried, this allows for a greater quantity of nutrients in the fruit and taste very good and faithful to that of fresh produce, dried fruit snacks are light natural dietary funny, real fruit of walking more healthy snacks classic and perfect for young and old. We can produce if the amount allow many other types of dehydrated fruit and herbal teas or tea.

italian tuscan natural organic herbal tea fruit deydrated berry relaxing


Dried cranberries

100 g

Dehydrated strawberries

100 g

Dehydrated cherry tomatoes

100 g

Kiwi Dehydrated

100 g

Dried apricots

100 g

Lustful herbal tea

50 gr

Herbal tea cuddly

50 gr

Relaxing Herbal tea

50 gr

Chocolate and Coconut biscuits dough 260g

Brutti e Buoni almond biscuits dough 250gr

Amaretti biscuits dough 250gr

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Our stylish and functional gift packages

All our gift packages are made as per customer request.
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