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Typical tuscan biscuits

Prato Almond cantuccini.... and even more
The Cantuccini is the most famous Tuscan biscuit, made famous by the famous match in which he is dipped in Vin Santo. It 's a simple, rustic dessert that comes in the countryside where the peasants had everything needed to produce it directly at home, in fact only serve eggs, flour, sugar and almonds, then the Vin Santo was never missing. We propose also in chocolate, using a good dark chocolate into large pieces and not the usual fake chocolate substitutes. The Lucrezie are clouds of delicious dough with candied almonds are excellent with dessert wines but also with tea. A new feature is the turtle, the crumbly macaroons covered with granulated sugar. Can also be ordered in boxes of 3 kg or more for restaurants and wine bars.

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Cantuccini Prato Almond


Cantuccini Prato Chocolate  


Lucrezie almond paste and fruit


Turtles amaretti with flake of sugar  



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