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Handmade egg pasta

The real pasta with 20% of fresh egg, with hand-crafted, slow drying and packaging manual

The production of dried egg pasta with traditional methods is not an economic activity, but an exercise with style and art. Pasta is a basic foodstuff, a product wrongly considered simple, but the difference in the mouth make you feel everything. The homemade pasta by grandmothers will never taste  the same flavor that you find at the supermarket .... why? Because  homemade craft is not only made with different ingredients, but also benefits from the absence of compromise to which the industry must come down and then leads to a product that meets only one requirement: that of the palate. The fine noodles are cut by hand, because the only way you can get a fine and a perfect shape, the pasta is hand-coil and because this type of high quality pasta can not be ammatassata machine, it all sticks. The noodles with porcini mushrooms contain only real dry powders. Very important thing to say is that our pasta is kneaded without water, with a percentage of 20% and egg chel'essiccatura very slowly on wooden frames, all of this because it is the taste, texture and tightness the cooking that counts.

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Available products
Bags clear rigid finished with buff laid paper label on ingredients and combinations plus a double satin ribbon printed in gold.

Match format suggested Packaging


Tagliolini egg pasta - ideal with truffle egg, poultry, fish and tomato- in box


Taglioni pasta with red - ideal with mushrooms and - in bag


Egg noodles - ideal with porcini mushrooms, sauces, venison  butter or oil -in box


Taglioni fine hand cut egg pasta – ideal with truffle, white meat, fish and tomato -  in bag


Pappardelle skein hand egg pasta – ideal with game sauces, meat, mushrooms  - in bag


Shelflife: approximately 2 years
Quantity: 8/10/12.

Diagram of production of our pasta
Dough: Durum wheat are mixed and fresh eggs for about twenty minutes to a mixture slowly so that the product is not affected by alteration of temperature;
Lamination: obtained through a process of slow and gradual reduction of the sheet, which is cut according to required format and all provisions on special wooden frames;
Forming: the process of rolling out the dough you get, which is cut according to required format and all provisions on special wooden frames;

Drying: the frames are placed on special trucks and placed in a cell where he began a process of slow drying at controlled temperature between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius results in a dry and elastic but intact in its organoleptic characteristics;
Maturation: after the drying phase the product is left to mature in about 12 hours;
Packaging: After the hand maturation proceeds to the stage of weighing, packaging and labeling, taking care not to break the product and taking care of the final appearance in a careful and precise.

Other products
The articles listed above are in stock, which amounts to justify the production are also available most other types of pasta, and flavored.

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