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Tuscan truffle sauce

Tuscan Truffle black, white and whitebait
The great flavor of truffles and prestige in packs and elegant and exclusive. Our range of truffle products offers the possibility of having a variety of flavors that can satisfy even the most discerning palates. The nose is only from the Tuscany and Umbria, is working to preserve the freshly picked up the scent and flavor of real truffles of the highest quality.

Our jars

In addition to being the highest quality products, our line of truffle products is particularly beautiful due to the packaging materials made completely by hand, elegant and natural.

Truffle mushroom sauce olive black truffle tuscan italian alba honey

Truffle Mushroom Sauce


Artichokes Truffle Sauce


Olive Truffle Sauce


White sauce with cheese and White Truffle


Black Truffle Butter Sauce


Truffle and Honey 100g (ideal for cheese)


Pure Black Truffle Slices 80g


Flower Salt with black truffle


Porcini and Truffle Sauce 80g


Truffle extra virgin olive oil 100ml, 200ml, 500 ml


Shelf life: 3 months
Packaging: 6 jars.

The packaging for restaurants, spaghetti, wine ...
1 jar = 30 servings of pasta!

If you have a restaurant, wine cellar or simply a bar that makes pasta dishes, with our packs of 500g you put in pasta or crostini with truffle menu by spending very little and no losses. In fact, the yield is very high because the products are pure and highly concentrated, the various sauces contain nothing but the product indicated on the label. For example, the artichoke truffle sauce only contains artichoke hearts and chopped truffles, nothing is made to increase the volume, it potato starch, flour and mayonnaise, as is often done in the case of commercial products.

Shelf life: 3 years
Packaging: 3 jars 500g


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