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Typical tuscan Pasta...The Pici

Classic pici  or fragranced with porcini mushrooms, basil and lemon
Pici is a typical Tuscan meals can be served with a classic sauce "garlic" or with all the typical Tuscan sauces. From this year we decided to launch even those flavored after testing for many months and threw tons of pasta. The cheese flavored it is very difficult to produce maximum results if the aim is to seal in flavor and cooking. We do not use dyes, preservatives or flavors, but only a dry powder and essential oils in large quantities (for the basil and porcini) and those with lemon juice and essential oil of Sicilian lemon fragrance that gives us a truly amazing.

tipycal tuscan pasta siena orcia pici with lemon basil chilly porcini mushrooms


Ideal with


Pici Classic

Tomato Sauces, meat, garlic and olive oil


Pici with Lemon

Sauce fish and vegetables, oil


Pici with basil

tomato sauce, vegetables, fish, oil


Pici with Porcini

Sauce of tomato, meat, vegetables in oil


Shelf life: 2 years
Number of pieces: 12.

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