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Wine Jellies

New to pairing with cheese ... and not only
Jars with a blue cap mallow paper crafts with recycled raffia stopped.

A new line of products very interesting and delicious made with fine red white and dessert wine. They are a new trend of modern cuisine that combines traditional products as the most important Italian wines, reinterpreted to bring them to the consistency of jelly. One very important thing to say is that the flavor of gelatin is incredibly faithful to the wines, while not containing alcohol (evaporates during cooking), flavors, colors or preservatives. The production technique is similar to that used for jellies from the fruit breakfast, only that the juice is replaced by wine. The prince combination for jellies and cheese.

italian tuscan wine jelly chinti brunello chardonnay vinegar balsamic

Our jars
The jellies are packaged in jars glass 212ml (230g).

Brunello wine jelly

212 ml

Chianti Wine wine jelly

212 ml

Vinsanto wine  jelly

212 ml

Muscat wine  jelly

212 ml

Balsamic Vinegar   jelly

212 ml

Chardonnay  wine jelly

212 ml

Pairings and tasting tips
The cheese is the classic combination for red and white wine jelly , and the diversity of products allows you to choose the perfect cheese with jelly , products like the strong aroma of balsamic vinegar jelly VinSanto go well with cheese and hard cheese like Parmesan , Pecorino Romano, Montasio, Asiago, Provolone, others more delicate jellies such as Muscat, Chardonnay, Brunello, Chianti blend cheese is soft and strong. Do not forget that other combinations are frequently made as Finocchiona sausages, salami, Stampy, suppressed, but also with main courses like pork loin, sliced in the pan, but also game such as saddle of venison, wild boar chops etc.. Other combinations are possible with ricotta and semolina cake with boiled but even with raw fish, but also the bread or cake goes very well for a pleasant dinner end, a snack or breakfast alternative. Ideal also for gift basket.

Other products
The articles listed above are in stock, which amounts to justify the production can be produced gels with different wines. There are also the formats of 40gr

Shelf life: approximately 3 years
Number of pieces: 6.

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