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Pesto of lard from Tuscany

Pesto spread of Lard ... a new way to enjoy a delicacy
The pesto is a fat old delicacy that today we have decided to restart production. Killed by the crazy diets and healthy mode of models that deny the pleasures of the table even once in a while, we again present today in the noblest terms, the lard produced in Chianti style crushed along with his seasoning (garlic, rosemary, pepper, cinnamon ) Lard married Chianti Chianti truffle and lard all together 

lard paste pesto lardo di colonnata tuscan lard with herbs truffle

Pesto of Lard Chianti style seasoned  


Pesto of Lard seasoned with Truffle



Shelf life: approximately 2 years
Boxes: 6 jars.

Serving suggestions and advice of use
The Pesto of Chianti Lard can be used in many ways. They can be simply spread on bread to make croutons or toasted bread, but they can also be used to stuff meat, stuffing, or roast in oven lacquer. Another interesting use is to spread the lard on grilled meat, for example, we advise them on all grilled steak or fillet. A combination of a true gourmet is to spread the pesto to the Chianti Lard balsamic vinegar on grilled venison steaks kind of wild boar, deer, deer. One idea is very simple and highly effective is to use them to make the dough. Put some cherry tomatoes in a pan with a little onion, when I jump the dried pasta and add the sauce of your choice of bacon out of the flame.

The pests of Chianti in a pack of bacon restaurateur
Given the pressing demands of some of our customers in creating wine bars, restaurants and even simple bar, we decided to make these larger packs. Are naturally more convenient and provide a high yield because the product keeps well in the fridge even if it is open for a long time.


Shelf life: approximately 2 years
Boxes: 3 jars of 314ml.

Our Pesto is an artisan product, the first opening you should mix the lard with a knife (both formats) in order to homogenize the content that sometimes tends to stratify, making the product non-uniform in flavor.

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