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Extravirgin Olive Oil

Classic Oil and  single variety
Extra virgin olive oil Selection by Lapo Leoncini, not filtered
Our oil selection Lapo Leoncini  is born in our farm Renascimento-Florence  in the hills of Chianti  in the town of Montespertoli, great land of great wines and oils in our oldest plots. Our oil without false modesty ,we call it a great oil, a real eat and drink rich in the scents and flavors are very strong.

The oil is cold pressed within 12 hours of collection to meet the unique characteristics of the olive, the lack of filtration also provides a unique taste and inimitable.

single varietal  tuscan extravirgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil "Frantoio FF" only from olives of variety Frantoio

25 - 50 cl

Extra virgin olive oil "MoraioloMM" only from olives of variety Moraiolo

25 - 50 cl

Extra virgin olive oil Supertuscan "FML" from olives  Frantoio, Moraiolo e Leccino

25 - 50 cl

The productions in Tuscany are very low, especially in the Chianti area plants are very small because they grow slowly because of the rocky soil and only two meters tall olive tree may be centuries old. The olives are harvested by hand on the plant in late October, as they are not yet fully mature and have maintained their strong herbal and spicy flavors, scents of almond green asparagus and artichoke, intoxicate my nose and whet your appetite. If we go into detail we can better define the characteristics dell''olio product with these traditional varieties of Chianti, bearing in mind that oil is a product of "live"at least one true and genuine, if we then go to the supermarket in the area industry and products that are perfectly repeatable and identifiable, but we produce oil and not Coke  then our oil evolves grows mature, smells, sediment, and when it gets too old too stink as well!

The Frantoio oil by a lot marker, the hotness of 'Tuscan olive oil, those notes are very aggressive grass and largely dates from this variety that comes mixed with other, so it is for our oil, which date from a hill to another there may be some differences. This oil should be the best? ... yes it is but for a limited period of time, because these notes as quickly as dean of excellence in this variety than in others, then quickly reached the highest peak in the curve of maturity and quality but falls faster. The olives are considered Moraiolo of the body, the tissue supporting the structure of a classic Chianti blend of oil, then this oil smells less blatantly "new" in the first months of life is also true that it is fully loaded and maintained consistent and its fragrance for a longer period, so it has less peaks but is more constant. The classic blend of Frantoio and Moraiolo Leccino we propose is then the sum of different varieties which constitute the classic Tuscan table combining various characteristics of its components.


The Tuscan tradition of 'oil is well known throughout the world and for this reason we decided to offer our customers a complete range of products and varied. To our selected mono-varietal oils that we have, we add these traditional oils that combine high quality with prices for everyday goods. tuscan florentine chianti extravirgin olive oil in straw flask tin 500ml 375ml

Extra virgin oil "Austero"

50 e 75 cl

Extra virgin oil "Allegro"

50 e 75 cl

Extra virgin oil "Austero" in Staw Flask

50 cl

Extra virgin oil "Austero" in metallic tin

50 cl

Extra virgin oil "Allegro" in metallic tin

5 litre

The extra virgin olive oil Austero is unfiltered, raw mill with a nice grassy note in the mouth and a fruity aroma and flavor and consistent, goes well with grilled meats, roasted vegetables raw, is an oil so for those who love the strong flavors. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Allegro " is also a rough mill unfiltered more gentle in the mouth the attack is more delicate, slightly more fat but less intrusive flavor, and it's a olive oil from that embraces a wider audience and less used to oils that taste too strong and perfect with the fish with vegetables, baked or steamed vegetables and fruit salads and desserts.

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