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Vegetable Caviar patè

Fantasy and high quality raw materials. The caviar is made from vegetables, fish eggs, but gets its name because of its consistency that makes him look like the famous fish product. We produce it in three versions, Green Zucchini Caviar, made with fresh vegetables grown in open fields and with chopped herbs which also includes mint and a bit 'of anchovies in oil, Caviar red peppers, anchesso product in July with vegetables Fresh and Eggplant Caviar with aromas of black field and anchovies. The caviar is great on bread or as a dip to accompany the grilled meat or fried. Many seem trivial but we We use only fresh vegetables for this sort of pate, salsa, but it is not the only ones to do it as given that all those using semi-or vegetable pulp mill from abroad, China, Turkey, Morocco, etc. . Nopi instead take the field fresh vegetables, we clean and we go to the meat grinder in order to have excellent aromas and flavors and texture particular note of caviar.

tuscan pasta sauce patè wildboard rooe deer crostini jar

Green Caviar of Zucchini


Red Caviar of Red Pepper


Black Caviar of  Eggplant



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