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Pickled vegetables and soups
Tuscan organic vegetables endangered
These old varieties were once very common in Tuscany, but with the passage of time have been abandoned by their low productivity and therefore require much manual labor in the fields. Fortunately, some plants and their seeds were kept a germplasm bank managed by the Region of Tuscany, and now are back in culture following the methods of organic farming, under the control of ICEA

Organic vegetable pickles (BIO)
Produced only season with freshly picked vegetables preserved in oil and organic olive, eggplant Fiorentina violet oil, which is a type of white eggplant paste, very soft and round with the skin color from very light purple with some white markings. The production of this eggplant is about 1 / 5 compared to traditional ones, but the flavor is unmistakable. The Porro Toscano Early in oil is an ancient variety that was planted in the soil just freed up by the crops for a quick harvest. The size is very small compared to common warts, but it is much more digestible and tasty

organic bio biological vegetables oil

Aubergine Violetta Fiorentina in extravirgin olive oil ORGANIC  12 pieces


Porro Early Leak Toscano in extravirgin olive oil ORGANIC  12 pieces


Fiorentina Red Onion in extravirgin olive oil ORGANIC  12 pieces


Traditional and grilled vegetables in oil (not bio)
The quality that you can see. If you want to recognize at a glance whether an in oil is good or if it is an industrial product that has traveled the world as a flight attendant who just look good in your eyes, take the jar and see if the vegetable looks "cool "colors live a nice consistency that product is good, otherwise if it is bleached"tired "of flat color, or all of the same size is an industrial preparation. We take the freshest vegetables in the fields and work, seasonal vegetables and greenhouse vegetables fresh and semi. For an outsider feel like a normal thing, but almost nobody does, paradoxically, because it costs a lot more. There are in fact in Italy and worldwide companies specialized in industrial processing of fruit and vegetable wash it, the slice, maybe a bit Quoco 'and then put it in large vats similar to those of gasoline, saving it with oil or more often unlikely water, soda, preservatives etc., use the soda to whiten and soften the artichokes poor and hard as wood and many other devices chemical / industrial own a refinery of crude oil to a food laboratory.

These products are then stored for years, then end up canning companies that remove the food from the stems, change the oil a bit, put a few leaves of parsley and sell it as an Italian, perfectly legal practice being done in the last working Italy. Do not think that is practical from discount stores, nearly all the pickles that come on the market for several reasons: first vegetables treated in this way travel for months without problems and then come can come from China, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt without any problems at a price ridiculous, the second knock down labor costs in food laboratories because all the long and costly work has been done in the third world, third I do not have to inventory it any predictions, things need to work on fresh material, just buy the drums semi when you have the required jars.


Eggplant big slice in oil  - 12 pieces


Artichokes  with herbs in oil  - 12 pieces


Grilled eggplant with aromas in oil  - 12 pieces


Peppers grilled with herbs and lemon in oil  - 12 pieces


Grilled zucchini with mint and spices in oil  - 12 pieces


GranBanchetto Mix of vegetables in oil  - 12 pieces


San Marzano tomatoes dried in oil - 12 pieces


RUBY RED  Semi dried Cherry tomatoes in oil 12 pieces dried in oil  - 12 pieces


The Tuscan peasant soup from organic farming (BIO)

The typical traditional Tuscan peasant soup. The zuppa di farro is a mash of beans and other herbs that also contains whole wheat Tuscan farro cooked. Ribollita soup of bread with beans and other vegetables, cabbage is done boiling, the Aquacotta preparation is typical of the Maremma, was the dish of the cowboys, the guardians of the cows in the Grosseto preparacano with celery, onions and a little 'tomato is really delicious. These Tuscan soups are organic and therefore controlled and certified by ICEA.

organic bio tuscan soup ribollita

Cereal soup(Garfagnana) 6 pieces   ORGANIC


Vegetable soup (Lucca) 6 pieces   ORGANIC


Soup Acquacotta (Maremma) 6 pieces  ORGANIC


Ribollita (Chianti Fiorentino) 6 pieces  ORGANIC


Organic Tuscan Tomato

biological tuscan tomatoes

Big pieces of Tuscan tomato in whater ORGANIC  6 pieces


Sauce of Florentine tomato "costoluto" ORGANIC  12 pieces


Pomarola - tomato sauces with fresh vegetables ORGANIC  12 pieces


Shelf life : approximately 3 years

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