Our Mission

TUSCANFARM is a company owned by the Leoncini family that has been dedicated to the world of agriculture for years, offering quality and unobtainable food and wine products.

Brand RENASCIMENTHO - Firenze is dedicated to create typical local products 100% from Tuscany

Many products come from organic farming and are also protected by regional and national bodies.

Tuscan Farm's Phylosophy is not to follow the fashions of the moment but to produce only products that appeal to them. A company philosophy, that of TUSCANFARM, outside the lines, to respect traditions and respect the past together with a touch of novelty that never hurts.

A True sensory journey. Not just the mere activity of eating, but a journey into the past to inebriate oneself in the authentic flavours of the Tuscan region.

Every year TUSCANFARM produces around 200 new products with the goal of satisfying the continuous curiosity of its customers, who are very attentive to the refinement and quality of what they eat.

The secret of TUSCANFARM lies in the passion of the Leoncini family, who dedicate themselves to this activity with all their heart to leave an indelible memory with their customers. 

Among the best-loved delicacies offered by TUSCANFARM we found Foi Gras and Champagne, Vino pe' Desinare and Cibreo, not to mention pasta with the Chianti-style Sugo di Ciccia Scappato, according to an old great-grandmother's recipe. But these are just a few of the quality dishes on offer from a menu full of delicacies. 

The quality of the products offered by TUSCANFARM are the result of long and sophisticated preparation times with limited production and manual packaging

The mix of these elements enables TUSCANFARM to offer customers quality, beautiful, traditional, elegant and refined products that carry with them all the charm of Tuscany. 

"Products conceived by the elegant mind of an Earl but made by the calloused hands of a Farmer" 

For who searching quality, traditional and distinctive local and regional Tuscan flavours, TUSCANFARM is the perfect company!

For the more curious, jams are made in season, with fresh fruit ripened in the sun. 

Made With Love

Dario Leoncini