Bloc de Foie Gras


Delicate, extremely versatile, ideal for the preparation of elegant aperitifs, hors d’oeuvres as well as first and second courses.

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    The True Artisan Cold Cuts of Chianti
    High quality artisan charcuterie products.
    Tradition with us is not just a word but a real way of understanding life and work. We still produce our charcuterie as it was done in the old days, using string, natural pork gut and hands, and above all cured unhurriedly in the cellar and not in hot cells, stoves and other devilry that make the charcuterie rubbery and tasteless.
    The secrets are few and far between and it costs nothing to reveal them. Everyone knows them, but few put them into practice because it costs money and you earn much less: top-quality Italian meat, manual processing and above all time, lots and lots of time.
    All our cured meats are suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease and for those intolerant to milk as they do not contain these substances usually found in industrial products, or in any case less good than ours!
    To make a ham you can use many types of meat, we select the best, salt it by hand on wooden boards and then season it in the cellar: it sounds easy but not many people do it because seasoning in a hot cellar gives you a ready-to-eat ham in no time, which is a double saving you don't have any weight loss and you collect it sooner, but the meat doesn't mature and so the product doesn't taste like anything.
    The salami, sbriciolona or bastard we derive from the trimming of the thighs or bellies and shoulders, in practice the side cuts to give the correct shape to these products and therefore very good, we do not put what in jargon is called 'carnetta' or waste meat such as the belly or tendons.
    When companies work like this you will always find it says 100% pork on the label but it is meat that has no flavour and is tough, ever cooked sausages and found half the product in the pan? Those are made from "poor meat".