Cantuccini Chiantigiani (rosemary and sultanas)


Cantucci (or Cantuccini) also known as ” Biscuits of Prato” are typical sweets of traditional Tuscan cuisine : they are dry almond biscuits with a rustic and slightly golden appearance. The rosemary and sultanas further enhance the flavour of the cantuccino.


Weat flour, sugar, raisins 18%, eggs, butter, milk, powdered milk, honey, rosemary 1%, baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), salt.

Technical information:

100g, 200g, 300g

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    Typical Tuscan biscuits, Prato cantuccini with almonds.... and more

    Cantuccino is the most famous Tuscan biscuit, made famous by the well-known combination that sees it dipped in vinsanto. It is a simple, rustic dessert that originated in the countryside where farmers had everything they needed to make it at home, all they needed were eggs, flour, sugar and almonds, and vinsanto was never lacking. We also offer it in a chocolate version, using an excellent dark chocolate in large pieces and not the usual ersatz fake chocolates. Lucrezie are delicious little clouds of almond paste with candied fruit, they are excellent with dessert wines but also with tea. A novelty are the Tartarughine, crumbly macaroons covered with granulated sugar. Available on request also in boxes of 3 kg or more for restaurants and wine shops.