White Truffle Flavoured Condiment Tin 1 L


Excellent for adding flavour to first and second courses. Ideal on bread, both fresh and on bruschetta.


sunflower seed oil, oil extra virgin olive oil. flavourings. Nutritional values per 100 mE: Kj 3730/kcal 891, protein 0.06g, fat 99g of which saturated log, carbohydrates 0.01g of which sugars 0.01g, salt 0g

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    Tuscan black, white and bianchetto truffles The great flavour and prestige of truffles in elegant and exclusive packaging. Our range of truffle products offers a great variety of flavours that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. The truffle is exclusively sourced from Tuscany and Umbria, and is processed fresh as soon as it is picked to preserve the scent and flavour of the true top-quality truffle to the maximum. Our jars In addition to being top quality products, our truffle product line looks particularly beautiful thanks to the totally manual packaging made of elegant and natural materials. Packaging for restaurants, spaghetti shops, wine bars... If you have a restaurant, a wine shop or simply a bar that makes pasta dishes, with our 500 g packs you can put truffle pasta or truffle crostoni on the menu for very little money and with no waste. In fact, the yield is very high because the products are pure and very concentrated, the various sauces contain nothing but the product indicated on the label. For example, truffle artichoke sauce contains only chopped artichoke hearts and truffles, nothing else is put in to increase the volume; no potato starch, flour or mayonnaise, as is often done in the case of commercial products.