Red Wine Soap


Natural, handcrafted and cold-processed.

Hand-packed rich in glycerine and essential oils.

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    Artisan Fruit Soaps In the era in which we live, where human intervention is less and less required at the expense of sophisticated machinery, it seems impossible to produce something where man is an indispensable constant and where the simple machinery used is only a support. Our handmade soaps are vegetable-based (coconut or olive oil) enriched with fine essential oils, flowers, extracts and essences The ancient artisanal processing method, carried out at a low temperature, does not alter the properties and qualities present in the raw materials used. Thus, the glycerine that develops does not depart from the product. The production has an ancient, medieval charm, reminiscent of an alchemist's forge, with large steaming cauldrons, large loaves of multicoloured soap with hot, sharp blades to cut them, nothing mechanised or technological, just quality passion and patience. The soap thus obtained is left to dry naturally and then packaged by hand, resulting in a soft, glycerine-rich soap suitable for all skin types.