Vinsanto Jelly


Vinsanto jellies are one of our delicious products made from fine wines. The flavour is very faithful to that of the Vinsanto wine from which they are made, although they have alcohol in them, which evaporates during cooking. The most suitable combination of Spreadable Jellies is with cheeses, such as Truffle Cheese.


Chianti Vin Santo DOC, sugar. Gelling agent: pectina. Chianti in Vin Santo used: 51gr for 100gr of finished product. Total sugar 55gr for 100gr.

Technical information:
Vasetto in vetro

212 ml (230gr)


12 pz.

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    A novelty for pairing with cheese... and beyond Mauve blue cap jars in recycled artisan paper stopped with raffia.

    A new line of very interesting and delicious products made with fine wine. They are a new trend in modern cuisine that combines traditional products such as the most important Italian wines, reinterpreting them to the consistency of a jelly. One very important thing to say is that the flavour of jellies is incredibly faithful to that of wines, even though they contain no alcohol (it evaporates during cooking), flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

    The production technique is similar to that used for breakfast fruit jellies, only the juice is replaced by wine. The main pairing for jellies is with cheese.

    Pairing and Tasting Tips Cheeses are the classic pairing for jellies, and the diversity of products allows one to choose the ideal cheese with the ideal jelly. Strongly aromatic products such as VinSanto Balsamic Vinegar jelly go well with mature, hard cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Montasio, Asiago, Provolone, while other more delicate jellies such as Moscato, Chardonnay, Brunello, Chianti go well with softer, less strong cheeses. Not to be forgotten are other pairings that are frequently made with cured meats such as Finocchiona, Salame, Zampone, Soppressa, but also with second courses such as pork loin, pan-fried slices, but also with game such as saddle of venison, wild boar steaks, etc.

    Other possible combinations are with ricotta or semolina cakes, but also with boiled meats and even raw fish, but bread or focaccia also go very well, for a pleasant end of meal, a snack or an alternative breakfast