Aged Pecorino cheese


Produced only at certain times of the year when the pastures are most favourable. It has a large shape to allow for a more homogeneous maturing, a firm paste with a chalky appearance when
cut, pungent and strong smell. It matures for a good 5 months on wooden boards. Try them together with our delicious jams and marmalades.

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    Pecorino Maremmano We have taken over a share in a small artisan cheese factory in Maremma (in the province of Grosseto) that only processes milk from its own sheep. We have done this in order to produce our pecorino the way we like it, that is, in a truly traditional way and not as many do, filling their mouths with the words 'traditional, typical, classic or old fashioned' and then using powdered milk, milk from an 'unknown mother', foreign milk, foreign curds and semi-processed products, and all the various types of junk food that are around, resulting in cheeses that are cheap, but all the same with their typical PLASTIC taste, like eating air, and tasteless. We have sheep milk from sheep that live in Maremma, graze freely in the fragrant and aromatic Mediterranean scrub or eat the farm's hay, when they give birth they suckle the lambs and so cheese production drops or stops, we don't go and buy milk around. On chilli and truffle cheeses we often also put cow's milk that we do not produce ourselves, this is because making them all sheep's milk would cover up the flavour of the truffle and chilli so they are so-called 'mixed' cheeses, a lot of sheep's milk and a little cow's milk. If you want a cheap supermarket-type cheese, or you want a neutral spreadable light cheese, or as many say to mask the mediocrity of the product 'delicate' etc. etc. do not buy ours.