Tuscan Salami


Made from only the noble parts of the pig, trimming (i.e., the trimmings obtained in shaping the ham or shoulders) is done with large cubes of back fat and bacon, while in industrial products the “carnette” or the worst parts of the pig such as the throat, belly, tendons and cartilage are used instead. Tuscan Salami is mixed with salt, peppercorns, red wine and garlic and cured for this it is distinguished by its different texture and aromas. This cured meat has a very ancient history, the earliest historical mentions are found in the writings of Pliny the Elder (in the 1st century AD) who extolled cured meats and the noble Tuscan tradition.

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    Pe' ......un wine for everyday quality consumption
    . These two new wines represent for us a plunge into the past, into the truest Tuscan peasant tradition that distinguished only two wines the "Pe' Desinare" for lunch, and the "Pella Cena" for dinner, a wine for the evening. Work in the countryside was tiring and, especially in certain seasons, one could not go into the fields after lunch in the sun and heat after drinking a heavy, very alcoholic wine, as exhaustion and drowsiness would have set in. At dinner, on the other hand, one could indulge in something more, since one did not have to get up from the table to go to the fields, but rather to go to bed, so even if one arrived there with difficulty and with a few lulls... not too bad. It was therefore possible to indulge in a few more glasses of old wine, from previous years, more full-bodied due to ageing, but also because one 'serba', one put aside the wine that naturally had greater alcohol content, body and consistency, because the lighter wine would not have withstood ageing. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)