Egg Tagliolini


Popular egg pasta format in Italy. Ideal for important sauces such as our Wild Boar Sauce.


durum wheat semolina, eggs 20%

Technical information:

250 gr


8 / 10 / 12

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    True dried pasta with 20% fresh egg, with artisanal processing, slow drying and manual packaging

    The production of dried egg pasta using artisanal methods is not an economic activity, but rather a stylistic and artistic exercise. Pasta is a basic food product, a product wrongly considered simple, but the difference in the mouth can be felt. Pasta made at home by grandmothers never tastes the same as that found in the supermarket....why? Because homemade and therefore artisanal production is not only made with often different ingredients, but above all benefits from the absence of compromises that industry has to make and therefore leads to a product that has to satisfy only one requirement, that of the palate.
    The very fine tagliolini are cut by hand because this is the only way to obtain fineness and a perfect shape, pappardelle are matassato e mano because this type of high quality pasta cannot be mashed by machine, it would get all sticky. I tagliolini ai porcini contengono solo veri porcini secchi ridotti in polvere. A very important thing to say is that our egg pasta is kneaded without water, with an egg percentage of 20 per cent, and that the drying process takes place very slowly on wooden frames, all because it is the flavour, texture and cooking hold that counts.

    Production diagram for our egg pasta
    Dough: durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs are mixed for about twenty minutes in a slow dough so that the product does not undergo temperature changes; Rolling: obtained by a process of slow and gradual reduction of the pasta sheet, which is then cut to the required size and arranged on special wooden frames; Formatura: con il processo di laminazione si ottiene la sfoglia, che viene tagliata in base al formato richiesto e il tutto disposto su appositi telai in legno; Essiccazione: i telai vengono disposti su appositi carrelli ed introdotti in una cella dove inizia un processo di lenta essiccazione a temperatura controllata tra 42 e 47 gradi centigradi che consente di ottenere un prodotto secco ed elastico ma intatto nelle sue caratteristiche organolettiche;
    Ripening: after the drying phase, the product is left to ripen for about 12 hours; Confezionamento: dopo lo maturazione si procede a mano alla fase di pesatura, confezionamento ed etichettatura, badando a non rompere il prodotto e curando l'aspetto finale in maniera attenta e precisa.
    I pici classici a matassa e quelli al porcino, basilico e limone
    I pici sono la tipica pasta toscana, possono essere conditi con un classico sugo "all'aglione" o con tutti i sughi tipici toscani. Da quest'anno abbiamo deciso di lanciare anche quelli aromatizzati dopo aver fatto prove per molti mesi e gettato quintali di pasta. La pasta aromatizzata infatti è molto difficile da produrre se si mira al massimo risultato nel sapore e nella tenuta della cottura. We do not use colouring agents, preservatives or flavourings but only dry powdered product and essential oils in large quantities (for basil and porcini) and for the lemon ones, the juice and essential oil of Sicilian lemons that give us a truly incredible aroma.
    Traditional Italian pasta, pure bronze-drawn semolina pasta
    Only natural ingredients water and semolina for this pasta that contains no colourings, flavourings or preservatives. The mixture of exclusive durum wheat semolina and slow drying up to 52 hours (against the 16 of commercial products) allow excellent cooking time and guarantee the product's unique flavour, which is exalted when paired with traditional sauces, but also in white to savour the taste of quality. The pasta is drawn using old bronze dies, which give the pasta its most traditional Italian shape. The importance of the bronze die is easily appreciable to the palate, in fact the pasta comes out with a rougher surface that not only holds the sauce better but is also the cause of the product's greater flavour, since this uneven surface is the cause of greater surface fermentation of the durum wheat during drying. Packaging is done entirely by hand and each bag is finished with a chamois-coloured paper label and a gold-coloured double satin printed ribbon. Our pasta takes 15 minutes to cook, which is also an indication of quality.